18 October 2023


Stop Israel’s blockade of Gaza and occupation of Palestine.

UKS is horrified by the murders of civilians in Israel and Palestine the past weeks. We stand in solidarity with all Palestinians and Israelis hit by the gruesome violence and devastating bombing. We condemn all attacks and murders of civilians, and demand an immediate end to the senseless violence and collective punishment of Gaza.

Humanitarian organisations are working to limit civilian suffering and to save lives in Gaza.

South Africa has filed an application with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to protect Palestinians from genocidal actions by Israel. The hearings begin 11 January in The Hague in the Netherlands. The online research platform Cartography of Darkness has published a template letter of support that can be sent to the office of the Prime Minister of Norway, the Minstry of Foreign Affairs and members of Parliament. Remember to change {country name} in the letter to ‘Norway’ where relevant.

Norsk Folkehjelp and Fagforbundet provides a searchable tool for information on Norwegian banks’ investments in companies contributing to the occupation of Palestine.

On 14 November, The Storting (the Norwegian Parliament) will vote on a proposal to recognise Palestine, Norwegian adherence to the apartheid convention, and a boycott of Israel. A template for a letter of support for the proposal to representatives of the Storting can be found here.

Palestinakomiteen Oslo have made a petition.

Artists Marthe Valle and Jannik Abel have made a petition for artists and cultural workers in Norway.

Together with other art institutions, UKS has sent a letter to the government, urging them to increase efforts for a ceasefire, put an end to the blockade and respect the UN and international law.

On 4–5 November 2023, artist-run groups Kunst for Gaza and Prints for Gaza organised an art sale at UKS in solidarity with Palestine. All proceeds are donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

The collective “Art Not Genocide Alliance” (ANGA) has published a petition urging the Venice Biennial to cancel Israel’s contribution to this year’s exhibition.

The UKS annual general meeting 9 March 2024 passed a resolution on solidarity with Palestine (text in Norwegian).



Palestine Digital Action Toolkit, A.M. Qattan Foundation

Leger uten grenser


Norsk Folkehjelp


Amnesty International


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