24 April – 1 june 2020


A visual artist and critical writer, Nora Joung (b. 1989, Norway) reflects the prosaic and popular powers seeping through the seams of even our most intimate words and expressions. As part of her grand solo show DING DONG in 2018, Joung presented a triptych of three, narrative video works at UKS:



Windows (2018) ponders architect and Viennese turn-of-the- century thinker Adolf Loos’ (1870–1933) amusing and dated bridging of clothing, applied design, and the private house to aspects of male and female bodily withdrawal and exposition.



Stepping Out (2017), floats through moving images outdoors, mirroring a juvenile longing for other frameworks than the home, while using a bootleg soundtrack of a pop tune.



Call (2018) returns to living spaces. Through a phone call complemented by images of a customized dollhouse, viewers follow the considerations around buying a middle-class house, including speculations on school districts and drinking water. Today the designed performativity of the living quarters is no longer a revelation but bleeds through every part of personal space. That the home is a significant stage is a premise in Joung’s world. Everyone entering is playing their part.


Read more about the exhibition in our archive.

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