24 April – 1 June 2020

Nora Joung, Natalie Price Hafslund, Victoria Pihl Lind

While UKS is temporarily closed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, we’ve dug into the last few years of programming and found some video gems by local artists Nora Joung, Natalie Price Hafslund, and Victoria Pihl Lind—easily streamed on a screen near you.

All works were originally shown at or commissioned by UKS, presented in radically different architectural setups. Click the links below to watch the videos and get more information on each work’s creative impetus and initial exhibition context. Enjoy!



A visual artist and critical writer, Nora Joung (b. 1989, Norway) reflects the prosaic and popular powers seeping through the seams of even our most intimate words and expressions. As part of her grand solo show DING DONG in 2018, Joung presented a triptych of three, narrative video works at UKS:



In her visual art practice, Natalie Price Hafslund (b. 1987, UK) pushes at the borders of normativity and psychosis, disturbing inherited ideas of sociological conditioning and disputing perpetual abuses of power. As part of her solo exhibition CLEAN CRIMINAL in 2018, Hafslund presented three succinct living images at UKS:



In both her video works and her recent expansion into theater and performance, visual artist Victoria Pihl Lind (b. 1981, Norway) has circled notions that are at the core of our existence, such as birth, sleep, love, and death. In her 2019 UKS solo show To Be Born Is Like This, a middle-aged man floats under water and falling bodies spin in mid-air:



Video stills from: Nora Joung, Stepping Out (2017); Natalie Price Hafslund, Silver Woman (2018); Victoria Pihl Lind, Happy Shock (2019)

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