24 April – 1 june 2020


In both her video works and her recent expansion into theatre and performance, visual artist Victoria Pihl Lind (b. 1981, Norway) has circled notions that are at the core of our existence, such as birth, sleep, love, and death. In her 2019 UKS solo show To Be Born Is Like This, a middle-aged man floats under water and falling bodies spin in mid-air:



At the center of Happy Shock (2019) is the notion of birth, both in the physical sense and as a metaphor for the becoming of art. The Video assembles a sequence of moving and still images: We see a middle-aged man floating under water and then hovering above its surface at Frognerbadet in Oslo.

Scenes of teenage boys jumping from the diving boards—their masculine bodies falling, spinning mid-air—seem to give a jolt to a sequence of images taken from art history that slide and rotate into view. Not unlike a newborn finding its way through the birth canal, the main character falls through a spiralling tunnel of art historical references. Interspersed scenes of total blackness suggest a pause or a transition, forming a corridor that connects the moment before and the birth of the idea, of the artwork, of life. Here, the happy shock itself, is born.


Read more about the exhibition in our archive.

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