Deadline 30 January 2019 at 2pm




For part of our 2020 program, UKS extends an Open Call to both Norwegian and international artists to apply for solo exhibitions at our venue in central Oslo.

Artists are invited to submit material on the basis of their practice. All applicants are thus explicitly encouraged to describe and depict existing works and methodologies, instead of developing a specific or applied project in advance of being selected. UKS wishes for the selected artists to enter into a collaboration with the organization on the grounds of their ongoing production, aiming at molding the institution to the artistic process and its potential material sidetracking or conceptual surprises—not vice versa.

In order to give the singular artistic practice the best financial and curatorial support, UKS focuses its program on solo exhibitions. Applicable artistic practices are understood as an independent artist’s work as well as the work of artistic duos and groups working collectively.



The UKS Open Call programming strand focuses on emerging and experimental artistic practices, aiming at providing a platform for the selected artists to present their first large-scale solo exhibition in Oslo, backed by UKS’ production budget and institutional assistance.

In its scope, the UKS program features national and international contributors. Traditionally at least half the UKS program has been centered on artists based in or related to Norway.

Beyond being a programming institution for contemporary art, UKS is also a membership organization working to better the rights and conditions for young artists in Norway. Yet, UKS’ institutional program is funded independent of its membership function and does not privilege UKS members over non-members.

For the previous Open Call, UKS received 471 applications of which four artists were selected to develop solo projects. The high number of applicants necessarily limits the time spent on assessing each application. Hence, keep in mind that your application will be reviewed in brief. Please make your application as concise and clear as possible.

UKS’ Open Call is judged by the UKS jury, which for this edition consists of UKS’ director together with three members of the UKS board, all active artists.



Application deadline is 30 January 2019 at 2pm (Oslo time).

To apply, please use the online application form by clicking here. (The application form is now closed)

Everyone is invited to apply for this part of UKS’ 2020 program; the call is not restricted to Norwegian citizens nor UKS members.

The application must include:

  • A description of the artistic practice, max. 4,000 characters.
  • A portfolio including max. 20 images. (UKS requests interested artists to submit a portfolio that shows the breadth of their work while also pointing to the direction taken over recent years.)
  • A CV of max. 2 pages.
  • A short summary of the description of the artistic practice, max. 700 characters.

Practical information:

  • It is strongly suggested for everyone to submit their material in good time in case of any technical problems.
  • Please note that the individual file size of the uploaded documents cannot exceed 6MB.
  • Accepted artists will, as per UKS’ standards, receive a production budget as well as an exhibition fee.
  • Questions regarding the application process should be sent to:



UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund / Young Artists’ Society) is an Oslo-based institution for contemporary art and a Norwegian membership organization. Founded by artists for artists in 1921, it has since established itself as one of Norway’s core experimental venues for the arts; convening, exhibiting, and supporting critical voices of contemporary artists, with the objective of having both an artistic and political impact within and beyond its region.

In 2017, UKS extended and renovated its headquarters in Oslo’s city center—St. Olavs gate 3—to an approx. 120sqm exhibition space.

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