25 January – 31 March 2019


Opening: 25 January 2019
Exhibition: 26 January – 31 March 2019

Martin Sæther investigates and reshuffles aesthetic conventions through sculpture and wall works. Trite flowers on toilet paper, knobbly wallpaper surfaces or standardized magazine files are scaled up, manipulated, and cast in plaster and papier-mâché, functioning as faux remakes that extend and question the artistic quality of everyday Nordic commodities. At UKS Sæther will create a solo installation hereof, aggrandizing this gesture while also delving into animation and publication.

*Sæther (b. 1986, NO) lives and works in Oslo. He is a graduate from Oslo’s Academy of Fine Art. Recent exhibitions include the solo show Post at Destiny’s Atelier, Oslo (2017), the duo exhibitions Blickkontakt at Spreez, Munich (2015), and (b.1986) at Archipelago, Bergen (2015), and group exhibitions at Den Nordiske Ambassade, Copenhagen (2017), Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo (2016), and Slursula, Oslo (2016). Since 2014, Sæther has been co-running the exhibition space Diorama in Oslo.

Image: Martin Sæther, Key, 2018

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