3 May – 16 June 2024
UKS, Keysers gate 1


Opening: 3 May, 7-10pm
Exhibition: 4 May – 16 June 2024

In her practice, Lisa Størseth Pettersen creates site-specific, performative happenings with a basis in rehearsal and repetition. Together with teams of collaborators, she stages experiences that move between fiction and reality. At UKS, Størseth Pettersen’s new production takes its cue from J.B. Priestley’s play I Have Been Here Before, which was staged in the institution’s building in 1939, when it was home to Søilen Teater. While loosely connected with the piece – and in the spirit of its themes, circling the nature of memory, the psyche and metaphysics – Størseth Pettersen will work with collaborators from a variety of occupations to evoke a particular moment in time at UKS.




Lisa Størseth Pettersen (b. 1984, NO) lives and works in Trondheim. She is a graduate of Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. Recent solo exhibitions and projects include Luftslott, en performativ hendelse og inskripsjon i fjell at Stoksund trygdepensjonat, Åfjord (2022), 04:43-22:59 at Heimdal kunstforening, Trondheim (2021), IS IT THE SEA? at Ila fiskemottak, Trondheim (2021) and Modern Loneliness at Risvollan Borettslag, Trondheim (2020).

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