13 September – 20 October 2024
UKS, Keysers gate 1


All drugs are poisons.
All drugs are poisons.

The only difference between a poison and a
medicine lies in the dose.

The smell of a plastic doll
heated by the sun
comes from me,
apple liqueur abandoned at the bottom of a glass.

I wish I knew how to quit you.

You are led into a dimly lit room coloured in red. An unsettling yet soothing sound guides you forward and you are left to make your way through an environment of performers, light, text and images that deal with the complexity of relations and tell a story of intimacy and love.

UKS is pleased to present LESIONS, a new work by artist Jules Fischer (b. 1988, DK) – a combined exhibition and performance.

Following their previous work VANITAS (2023), which explores transformation and the transition into queer life, and It doesn’t look like anything to me (2022), examining transmasculinity as something both attractive and destructive, LESIONS delves deeper into the pain of loving and the systems that produce gender. Fischer depicts the beauty within the grotesque and the fear of rejection that comes with living a queer life.

The artist explores themes of community, identity and power structures. They view collaboration and interdisciplinary work as an antidote to capitalist individualism and loneliness, believing in the potential for radical healing through shared spaces, mirroring one another, and navigating ambivalent emotions together.

This performance exhibition premieres in Norway in collaboration with CODA Oslo International Dance Festival.



Jules Fischer is a visual artist and choreographer based in Copenhagen. Their praxis is centered around collage-like large-scale performances. Jules is interested in basic feelings such as love, grief and loneliness from an ambivalent and queer perspective. In collaboration with professional dancers and performers Jules has shown works at various institutions, such as Glyptoteket, SMK and Arken. The show at UKS is their first international solo presentation.



Concept & choreography: Jules Fischer
Soundtrack: Aase Nielsen
Light & set design: Sofia Stål
Props: Puer Parasitus
Performers: TBA

Co produced by: UKS, Oslo, TOASTER, København & Art Hub, København & CODA Oslo International Dance Festival
Supported by: The Danish Arts foundation and the Norwegian Arts Council


Photo: Christian Brems, performer Ingeborg Meier Andersen in costume by Puer Parasitus.

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