In November 2023, UKS launched the new event series COMMUNE, its name and logo borrowed from a contribution by British artist Tai Shani for UKS’ 100th-anniversary exhibition, which circled around conviviality and struggle, disagreement and discourse.

COMMUNE invites local and international agents from the arts and cultural spheres to set UKS’ spaces in motion – artistically, theoretically and socially – as a flexible format that can span performances or one-night-only exhibitions, archival presentations and in-depth conversations, as well as exuberant parties! Engaging with our wider community, UKS opens up Keysers gate 1 to be moulded into a meeting place for trusted old UKS-ers and cultural newbies alike, spurring friendship and kinship, the continuous co-creation of the field, and new, playful ideas.





COMMUNE: Elise By Olsen & Geir Haraldseth, 29 May 2024

COMMUNE: Dora García, 16 May 2024

COMMUNE: SdA – Counterinsurgency Strategies, 13 April 2024

COMMUNE: Isabelle Graw, 29 February 2024

COMMUNE: Nikhil Vettukatil, 25 January 2024



COMMUNE: Marina Xenofontos, 11 December 2023

COMMUNE: Nora Adwan & Jumana Manna, 30 November 2023

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