13 April 2024, 6:00pm
UKS, Keysers gate 1


Please join us on Saturday 13 April at 6pm for the fifth iteration of UKS’ event series COMMUNE – moulding the new UKS spaces in Keysers gate 1 into an artistic, theoretical and social meeting place with the help of a variety of local and international agents from the arts and cultural spheres.

For this evening, UKS has invited artists Julia Eichler and Fabian Ginsberg from SdA – Counterinsurgency Strategies to host a lecture on their practice and understanding of concept formation in political and artistic contexts. The lecture will take place in UKS’ main exhibition space, where UKS’ Minibar will have a special menu for the occasion. Following the lecture, everyone is invited to stick around for drinks and a DJ set by UKS’ Mariusz Maslanka.

Concepts and methods are anachronistic, representations are distorted and fictious, currencies are inflationary, and the maps that are in circulation do not accurately depict the areas in which we find ourselves. In their lecture, Eichler and Ginsberg will zoom in on artists’ interest in the formation of concepts in relation to real phenomena, the opening up and limitation of agency through certain medial and material processes, the recognisability of reality and the collectivisation of knowledge through the organisation of meaning production.



SdA – Counterinsurgency Strategies is a group of artists and authors. It has manifested various activities since 2018, including lectures, books, films and exhibitions. SdA deals with art from the perspective of its critical infrastructure – material and virtual – and denotes a theory and practice that has diffused from military theory (e.g. the work of David Galula) into the work of secret services, locating ‘art’ in political-economic contexts. Public events have taken place at Städtische Galerie in Villingen-Schwenningen, Kunstverein Nürnberg, Felix Gaudlitz/saxpublishers in Vienna, Studio 2o46 in Berlin, and b_books in Berlin, among others.


*Image above: Lecture and screening at the Galerie Meyer Riegger, Berlin by Julia Eichler and Fabian Ginsberg (2020).

Image created by SdA using artificial intelligence with prompt: “The curator in the Museum of Revolutionary Art is telling us about the ‘War Machine Selfportait as a Tree with two Heads’ from Mao. Everyone is excited.”

Images from COMMUNE: SdA – Counterinsurgency Strategies at UKS on 13 April 2024. Photos by Jan Khür / Studio Abrakadabra

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