2 November – 16 December 2018


Apichaya Wanthiang’s practice ponders the landscapes, materials, and textures we grow up in, the narratives we share, and how we choose to retell these both through intricate video installations and in brightly colored figurative paintings. At UKS, she will focus on the making of environments and anti-environments, meaning our immediate surrounding architecture, weather conditions, and social formations with their edges and borders.

*Wanthiang (b. 1987, Bangkok, Thailand) has Thai and Belgian roots and is today living and working in Norway. She has recently exhibited at Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen (2012 & 2016); USF-visningrommet, Bergen (2014); and Stiftelsen 3.14, Bergen (2016). Within the scope of art education, she has worked with, among other places, Bergen Centre for Electronic Art (BEK); Bergen Academy of Art and Design; and Trondheim Academy of Fine Art.

Image: Apichaya Wanthiang, Concrete is Stranger than Fiction, in collaboration with Christian Stefanescu at HKS, Bergen (2017)





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