20 November 2017, 8:00pm

One Night Only

#4 MINIBAR presents One Night Only
Group Exhibition, Book Launch, Libations, Free Soup
Monday 20 November, 8pm – midnight
UKS, St. Olavs gate 3, 0165 Oslo

Erlend Grytbakk Wold
Solveig Lønseth
Siri Leira
Eirik Senje
Emilie Birkeland
Silje Johannessen
Helena Lund Ek
Michael O’Donnell
Daisuke Kosugi (feat. George Rippon)
Andreas Öhman

DJ – Eirik Zeiner

UKS’ MINIBAR stands on the shoulders of a long list of artists’ initiatives merging the social and the expositional, the bibulous and the discursive, one of the local, main sources of inspiration being One Night Only Gallery (ONO), which mounted an exhibition (almost) every Monday evening from 2008 to 2015, in part at UKS’ previous premises in Lakkegata.
In celebration of the now defunct ONO and the launch of their retrospective book, co-published by UKS, it is thrilling to welcome back the legendary function. For one night only UKS’ MINIBAR will transform itself into One Night Only, reviving its format serving up a group exhibition, drinks, and free soup.

One Night Only was much more than an exhibition space. Founded by artists attending the Oslo Art Academy in 2008 (originally founded by Eirik Senje and Fadlabi and run with the help of Tito Frey, Erlend Grytbakk Wold, Jon Benjamin Tallerås and Andreas Oxenvad), in its 7 years and 252 exhibitions it was a vital event for the Oslo art scene. With the consistency of your morning coffee, it provided a site for young and emerging artists to show their work, to have parties, and maybe most importantly to meet and chill over some cheap beverages and food.

ONO’s main program was based on an open call for applications. Anyone could apply to exhibit, aiming to make the platform democratic. In addition to its main program, ONO also curated exhibitions either in the form of group shows, or by exhibiting established artists trying to bridge the gap between generations, experiences, and forms of expression.
ONO was established in September 2008. Up until 2010 it held exhibitions every Monday night at the Oslo Academy of Arts, housed in the old building of the Geographical Survey of Norway. In 2010 ONO went on a search for a new host since the Oslo Academy of Arts underwent an institutional merger of the visual arts Academy with a series of other art forms to become today’s educational behemoth Oslo National Academy of the Arts. This change meant the Academy could no longer provide premises or help pay the associated rental costs, in turn prompting ONO to move to UKS, where the entrance area of the former premises in Lakkegata 55 was employed as exhibition space. Supporting ONO through loans of technical equipment, a bar, and workspace, from 2010 to 2013, every Monday night ONO took residency at UKS’ location on the upper side of Akerselva. By accommodating an increasing number of visitors every Monday, ONO was able to offer artists remuneration for the exhibitions, in line with the importance placed on artists being paid for their labor as a form of activism. After 2013 ONO moved to Kunstnernes Hus where it continued its Monday ritual until 18 May 2015.

Images from UKS #4 MINIBAR with One Night Only. Photo: Jan Khür

Documentation of One Night Only exhibition at UKS #4 MINIBAR with One Night Only

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