23 August 2017, 8:00pm

Vik's Karaoke Beer

Please join us on Wednesday 23 August for a sneak peak of UKS’ new extended premises on St. Olavs gate and this semester’s first MINIBAR: VIK’S KARAOKE BEER hosted by the eponymous Vikram Uchida-Khanna.
Thanks to Norwegian Artist Copyright law, if you sing a song in an art institution, it can be considered to be the production of a performative artwork.
We agree, and think you should be paid for your karaoke labour. At an average song length of five minutes, you’ll earn a pro rata wage of 25 kr, or one beer per song sung. Potential earnings therefore equal twelve beers per hour.

1 song = 5 min => one beverage
12 songs = 60 min => twelve beverages


The MINIBAR is a returning feature in UKS’ program, occasionally occupying a tiny nook in its front space. The MINIBAR upholds mini prizes in a city of considerably asocial costs in its public realm, inviting guests to a night hosted by rotating local and international artists.
Founded in 1921 as a social club for the Oslo avant-garde—combining biweekly boozing at inner city bars with artistic showcasing, discursive exchange, and political work—UKS still considers the informal, social functions and attempts at friendship a fundamental part of its remit and crucial to creating conditions for churning up both exhibiting schemes and theoretical standards.

Images from UKS #2 MINIBAR with Vik’s Karaoke Beer

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