25 August – 24 September 2006


The Geometry of the Zodiac

“Wherever we have spoken openly we have said nothing. But where we have written something in code and in pictures we have concealed the truth”
(Rosarium pholosophorum, Weinhein edition 1990)

Andreas Nilsson and Fredrik Söderberg have collaborated on several projects, and are recognized nationally and internationally for their distinctive and mystical universes. Together they create a unique visual language based on contemporary imagery mixed with symbols from past times, which questions our common iconography.

In the Geometry of the Zodiac, the artists explore the inner regions of thought and mind. Their wish is to recreate the force which can be found it what appears hidden and forgotten – like some kind of ruin of an exhibition which owned the room a long time ago, in a time when everything was more grey, simpler and less open…
Curated by Helga-Marie Nordby

Zodiakens_Geometri_2006_Press.zip (0.5mb)

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