12 November 2021 – 2 January 2022
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo


Grand Opening: Friday 12 November, 7–10pm
Exhibition: 13 November 2021 – 2 January 2022
Venue: Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo




Please save the date for UKS’ long anticipated, prepared, contemplated, worked on, and artistically molded 100th anniversary exhibition 100 YEARS OF CONVIVIALITY: what you can see is what you can imagine. The show takes place in the grand skylight halls at Kunstnernes Hus and we are delighted to warmly invite you all.

This exhibition is a prompt.

This exhibition is a map.

This exhibition is a conflict, a chorus.

This exhibition is a story of struggle and conviviality, of disagreement and discourse, of gossip and cheap wine in the early hours, of heartbreak and collegial banter, of pushing each other to be better artists, and challenging what it means to be a good friend, citizen, and human in the world.

This exhibition is unfair and lacking and full of holes. It covers a lot but omits much more. It was made by many, in celebration of even more.

This exhibition is for artists eternally young and for everyone who believes that making art, to reimagining world, is a shared endeavor.

This exhibition celebrates when, on 28 October 1921, a group of artists met in a bar in Oslo and founded a social club that would change the fabric that upholds artistic life in Norway, and which continues to mend and weave that fabric, so it never wears thin.




Imagination is contextual. Imagination is produced and maintained by interaction with people and things around us; it thrives on what we experience others being able to imagine, and on what we can communicate as imaginable to each other. Imagination is collective and social. Only through imagining together with others, can we push our capacity to imagine.

— Katya Sander

what you can see is what you can imagine consists of historical works on loan from museums and collections across Norway, new commissions that actively converse with the past, and new works that discuss our present and possible futures. The title of the show is kindly lent to UKS by artists Katya Sander and Mo Maja Moesgaard.





Anna-Eva Bergman (1909 – 1987)

Per Inge Bjørlo (b. 1952)

Erik Brandt (1897 – 1947)

Marianne Brandt (1893 – 1983)

Marte Eknæs (b. 1978)

Finn Faaborg (1902 – 1995)

Yngvild Fagerheim (b. 1942)

Brit Fuglevaag (b. 1939)

Else Hagen (1914 – 2010)

Marius Heyerdahl (1938 – 1979)

Åsa Jungnelius (b. 1975)

Iver Iversen Jåks (1932 – 2007)

Christine Sun Kim & Thomas Mader (b. 1980 / b. 1984)

Linda Lamignan

Lars Laumann (b. 1975)

Per Jonas Lindström (b. 1955)

Elise Macmillan (b. 1988)

Elina Waage Mikalsen & Magnus Holmen (b. 1992 / b. 1991)

Mo Maja Moesgaard & Anne Louise Fink (b. 1980 / b. 1984)

Ahmet Öğüt (b. 1981)

Clevon Pran (1946 – 1997)

Elsebet Rahlff (b. 1940)

Aase Texmon Rygh (1925 – 2019)

John Savio (1902 – 1938)

Tai Shani (b. 1976)

Signe Munch Siebke (1884 – 1945)

Kjartan Slettemark (1932 – 2008)

Håkon Stenstadvold (1912 – 1977)

Willibald Storn (b. 1936)

The Alternative School of Economics (est. 2012)

Silje Figenschou Thoresen (b. 1978)





Saturday 13 November, 4–4.45pm
— Ahmet Öğüt: What about Plutocrats of Exoplanets (2021), lecture performance

Sunday 14 November, 3–4.30pm
— Tai Shani: The Neon Hieroglyph (2021), film screening and artist talk

Tuesday 16 November, 1–2pm
— #30 HOW TO PRACTICE?: Lars Laumann



– Mention / interview in D2 (weekend magazine)
100 år med kunstkamp: – Store egoer trenger også hverandre, D2, 09.12.2021

– Review in Kunstkritikk (online journal)
Historien som identitetsprosjekt, Kunstkritikk, 09.12.2021

– Book review in Kunstavisen (online journal)
Hundre år og fortsatt ung?, Kunstavisen, 02.12.2021

— Review in Kunstavisen (online journal)
Våpen og skjold, Kunstavisen, 22.11.2021

– Mention / interview in Kunstkritikk (online journal)
Sosial hundreåring, Kunstkritikk, 28.10.2021


The exhibition is presented in collaboration with Kunstnernes Hus. The exhibition is realized with kind support from Sparebankstiftelsen, The Norwegian Arts Council, The City of Oslo, Bergesenstiftelsen and Statens Kunstfond.


*Image by Vegard Kleven

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