30 September – 2 October 2010



Three evenings, one talk, two performances (and then a show):
Thursday September 30th, 7pm: Warren will be in conversation with Ina Bloom on the subject: Tertiary Economies, Power and Neuromodulation
Friday October 1st, 7pm: Warren Neidich with A K Dolven and Fadlabi Mohamed
Saturday October 2nd: 7pm Warren Neidich with Stian Ådlandsvik and Tori Wrånes

In the Mind’s I derives its meaning from two complementary streams of thought. The first designates that place, so eloquently described as the mind’s eye by the famous psychologist William James, inside the skull where the cinema of the life/world is projected and inspected. The second refers to the work of Robert Morris entitled the I-box in which a totally nude portrait of the artist is displayed beneath a capital I.

In the Mind’s I is a collaborative spoken word artwork in which an imaginary art exhibition – consisting of three or four imaginary works – is created and installed in a make-believe gallery space inside the head. In the end what is created is a totally conceptual and immaterial work of art, which persists in the memory of Warren and his collaborators, which leaves no real object to sell, distribute or gaze upon. The audience is privy to this private conversation transmitted through a microphone and witnessed as a dance of shadows displayed on a translucent screen.

Warren_Neidich_2010_Press.zip (1.1mb)

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