1 May 2015


In May 2015, after eight busy months in a temporary exhibition space at Tullinløkka, Oslo, UKS temporarily suspended its exhibition program, to prepare for the future relocation of the institution. While the search continues, we are based in St. Olavs gate 3 in central Oslo.

Our political work, as well as our efforts as a members organization, will go on as before. Among the projects we’re currently working on, you’ll find the writing of a handbook about art politics in collaboration with Manifest Publishing, expansion of our network of residencies for UKS-members, political work, and preparations for our upcoming shows in 2016.

In August 2016, UKS will resume its public programming – from St. Olavs gate 3, off-site, and in collaboration with other institutions such as the Munch Museum and Ultima Contemporary Music Festival.

Questions? Email us at info@uks.no.

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