3 – 12 October 2008



Glossalolia means speaking in tongues.
Glossalolija: Poem o zvuke is a poem about sound. The poet Belyj is searching for the origin of language and the conection between sounds and senses. The text breaks up in the search for a universal language that can be understood regardless of cultural origin. In 1932 Kurt Schwitters composed the Ursonate, a piece for two vocals without instruments or words, built over rhythmical sequences of verbal sounds. Schwitters felt words had lost their meaning because of the massive propaganda machinery during World War I and reacted by using meaningless combinations of letters.

Wrånes’ work consists of voice and sculpture. She does not perform glossalolia herself, but greets it as a viewer or curious admirer. How can we, as walking molecules, grasp our own meaning when evolution has equipped us with so much complexity and flexibility? Hello Glossalolia takes a closer look at the reverse reality of our life cycle.

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