9 – 18 February 2007



A reoccurring phenomena in Stian Ådlandsvik’s work is the reorganization and simulation of reality. In his project Stream Day, he links this to the oil wealth of Norway by contemplating the petroleum industry from a distance in an attempt to understand what kind of impact massive oil resources have on a nation’s inhabitants. The result of this is translated into an interior like installation, where recognizable objects create a strangely unproportional landscape.

To simplify such an enormous and complicated network as the one the oil industry is an integral part of, it is necessary to be able to understand its character, Ådlandsvik argues. By using the interior as such, he presents a concrete way to deal with the problems connected to form and function at the same time as a new language, discussing Norway’s economic base and the influence it has upon us, is suggested.
The word stream day is a description of one operational day and night at an oil rig.

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