26 January – 4 February 2007


Lars Nilsson (S), Sixten Therkildsen (DK), Kristin Tårnesvik (N)
Curated by Anne Szefer Karlsen (N)

Return Flight is a thematic exhibition dealing with conceptions, stories, and tales from New York through the eyes of three Scandinavian artists. Three diverse video works have their starting point in a two-week-long workshop from the city made in June 2006. By three very different methods, the artists have produced their works which in their own way showing the ambivalence, but also the fascination, we have for New York and the USA.

Before walking the streets of New York for the first time one is bound to have preconceptions of what one will meet there. These preconceptions might stem from facts as well as fiction, historical events, tv-series, and films, as well as news. To say that these works get beyond these preconceptions would be a mistake, they rather offer the public different understandings. The three artists have had their starting points in their special fields of interest and thereafter used the city as a material with which to present their works.

Utkanten_Return_Flight_2007_Documentation.zip (0.8mb)

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