5 – 8 April 2006


Periphery, exploring localness through sound

Most people in this world, and also most artists, live and work in the periphery, in the cold shadows of New York, Paris and Berlin’s proud concert halls, clubs and art scenes. In a time where art and contemporary music have focused on the site-specific, social politics, the democratizing art production with home computers and mobile studios – there is a new sense of the local, for provincial distinctiveness and history, and the unique and particular have gained strength over the standardization of multinationalism. Many of the most interesting composers and sound artists today take their starting point in their precise geographical location and their private experiences and let their work grow out of the immediate reality.

Happy Days Sound Festival will explore an extensive experimentation around the concept of ‘concert’ and will seek to stretch this term. All works will be made site specifically with consciousness as a central theme.

Utkanten_Happy_Days_2006_Press.zip (0.1mb)

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