10 November – 10 December 2000


“Una Ree Hunderi presents a series of photographs with motives from Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. After photographing Norwegian mountains, fjords, and deep forests, Hunderi left for the South Pacific to study the exotic landscape there. Her former projects deal with the Norwegian landscape and our perception of this; a way to see nature closely bound to romantic nationalism, tourism and commercial representations of Norwegian nature. The apparent meaninglessness and harmlessness of landscape photography is her point of interest. The choice fell on Polynesia and the Pacific paradise because many of us have a certain notion of what it looks like despite the fact that most of us have never been there.

Irene Nordli shows her work “the Boxing Kangaroos”, two porcelain robots measuring 175 cm programmed to throw punches every 10th minute. Nordli also exhibits a series of porcelain figures on plinths. The figures accentuate the sensuality of their material, being casts of well-known female figures, souvenirs, models, dolls and such. The figures are compiled in new ways which represent Nordli’s personal artistic expression.”

Jørn Mortensen

[excerpt, translated]

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