24 June 2023, 7:00pm

Oslo City presents: Fire (Sunrise Version)

Oslo City and UKS present the first summer festival in a while, which also serves as the finissage for the exhibition Moon in Your Mouth. At UKS, a programme awaits that holds onto the core values of a summer party, and young artists of today can prove that they are no different from the older generation when it comes to throwing a proper party!

The evening is divided into two parts. The first part features a concert by DRYNOMENA (Torje Hanssen and Ravn Norment-Åsdam), DAVID DAJANI playing techno, and a performance by JØRN BJERCKE and ELISABETH THORSEN at UKS in Keysers gate 1. For the second part of the evening, we will move to Trafalgar Pub.


Concert: Drynomena with Torje Hanssen and Ravn Norment-Åsdam
Performance: Jørn Bjercke and Elisabeth Thorsen
DJ: David Dajani


Based at the artist-run gallery Podium, Oslo City embraces interdisciplinary, relational and interactive art projects. The main goal is to provide Oslo’s citizens with insights into the political thoughts and ideas shaping the young art and cultural scene in Oslo and to foster collaborations across various interdisciplinary environments. Since 2020, Oslo City has collaborated with publications such as Gateavisa, Witchmag, Struktura, Ergi, Prosjektskolen and Bunny’s Garage. Many associate the name Oslo City with the shopping centre at Jernbanetorget, which connects the city centre and serves as an overwhelming yet necessary passage for those travelling in and out of the city using public transportation. It is a capitalist symbol and an identity marker that can evoke both a sense of security and dislike simultaneously. Oslo City is an initiative launched in 2020 by Hedda Grevle Ottesen in collaboration with BOA (Visual Artists in Oslo and Akershus). Curator Ida Charlotte Nilsen joined the project in the summer of 2022.


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