6 – 15 December 2002


“The Sellout exhibition at UKS was a huge success with a 40-meter long line of people an hour before the doors opened due to several announcements in the media. 144 artists generously contributed works with one thing in common – they were all worth so much more than 1000NOK. During the opening night alone we sold 88 works and nearly every piece was sold the following week. This resulted in securing the financial situation for UKS Forum and also made clear how important this magazine is for Norwegian artists. As a sales exhibition, the show displayed enormous variety. Contributions from artists in various age groups and different artistic traditions mirrored the complex nature of UKS’s members. Many visitors bought their very first art piece and hopefully left inspired to start collecting.

Many thanks are due: Erling Fossen for being a splendid ‘godfather’ to the event, the magician Glorillo for entertaining the waiting crowd in minus ten degrees celsius, Hot Rod’s Jan Walaker for photographing, Hummel for donating T-shirts to the workers, Mozell and Ultra for providing soft drinks, gingerbread and mulled wine, Kim Hiorthøy for DJ’ing and especially Halvor Bodin for profiling the event. But first and foremost we wish to thank all the artists whose generosity exceeds the financial success. This event has already been copied a few times and debates over art’s possibilities for revenue and financial alternatives have been revived. In addition, this exhibition’s availability and democratic openness have presented contemporary art to a whole new audience.”

– Marianne Heier, curator for the event and board member of UKS

[excerpt, translated]

Sellout_2002_Production.zip (1.8mb)

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