24 October 2018
RAKE Visningsrom


Time: 24 October, 2018
Venue: RAKE Visningsrom, Trondheim

UKS is at Coast Contemporary—a new perennial convention of local and international artists and art professionals taking place on the ferry line Hurtigruten from Lofoten to Bergen; tis year 21 – 25 October.

While docking in Trondheim for two hours on 24 October, UKS—represented by Board Member Edvine Larssen and Director Rhea Dall—hosts a breakfast meeting with RAKE Visningsrom.

Three artists based in Trondheim presents their work: Hanna Mjølsnes, Enrique Roura, and Mathilde W. Gaustad and we will talk about artist-run initiatives – such as RAKE – and the UKS-initiated funding scheme for artist-run spaces “Arrangørstøtteordningen”.

UKS’ meeting at RAKE Visningsrom in Trondheim

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