8 March 2024

NO. 4, MARCH 2024

No. 4, March 2024

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Happy International Women’s Day! This issue of UKS Forum is a piece of women’s and art history, in the form of a recently completed Master’s thesis on the women that participated in UKS’ first 50 years of existence, carried out by UKS’ Kaja Breckan – currently Administrative Director and long-time employee – who has been researching women’s roles as members of the administration and board, exhibitors and union members. Accompanying this text is a chapter by art historian and Breckan’s advisor at the University of Oslo, Øystein Sjåstad, on UKS’ first female union members, which was published last year in his book Modernismens billedkunst i Norge – en feministisk aksjon. Both texts are only available in Norwegian. If you’re interested in accessing this research in English, please reach out to info@uks.no.




No. 4, March 2024:

Helt likestilt her hjemme by Kaja Breckan
UKS’ første kvinnelige medlemmer by Øystein Sjåstad


*Image: Siri Hjorth, illustration of the processing of Aase Texmon Rygh’s membership application in 1952 for UKS’ 100th anniversary publication Kvisten på grenen, grenen på treet: Unge Kunstneres Samfund 1921-2021

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