3 September – 17 October 2004



The fourth UKS-biennial opens September 3 this year, and is one of the most important exhibitions for young contemporary art in Norway. The Biennial will for the first time take place in Unge Kunstneres Samfund’s own premises (Young Artists’ Association). After its relocation in 2003, UKS has created an improved and ambitious space for contemporary art in Oslo, and will for the first time have enough room to house its own Biennial. The exhibition is curated by Ida Kierulf and Helga-Marie Nordby.

The UKS-biennale 2004 will investigate the strong presence of the city and urban reality in contemporary Norwegian art production. In the last years, an increasing consciousness of urbanism – the city as subject and phenomena – has come into being, and this is clearly reflected in contemporary Norwegian art. The exhibition has a particular emphasis on Oslo and the political and social, physical and fictional, relationship between the individual and the city. The curators put to attention some of the main questions of the exhibition: “In what way do the urban surroundings affect us; how do they form our relation and interaction with other citizens; what kind of habits of movement and consummation do they create, what identity(ies) do they build? While urban planning and political strategies have a decisive influence on how we live and move in the city, art can present for us other patterns and motivations, a possibility to see the city from within and from without”.

The selected artists for the UKS-biennial 2004 are:
Jesper Alvær, Liv Bugge, Bodil Furu, Ane Hjort Guttu, Lars Petter Hagen,
Knut Henrik Henriksen, Katja Høst, Eline Mugaas, Ketil Nergaard, Arve Rød, Christian Hoel Skjønhaug, and Anders B. Wittusen.

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