21 – 24 September 2017
Lofoten – Bergen


VENUE: COAST CONTEMPORARY – Hurtigruten (Lofoten—Bergen)
Thursday 21 – Sunday 24 September 2017

Asked to curate an afternoon in a cabin as part of the art event Coast Contemporary taking place on Hurtigruten in September, UKS has invited Nora Joung (b. 1989)—Norwegian writer, critic, and artist of succinct word-based performances who is currently preparing an upcoming solo show at UKS—to mount a retrospective of her performative works to date.

Using the cabin as backdrop, the prospect of Joung’s chronological walk-through promises to be as plain and simple as a portfolio viewing and as intimate as a prolonged studio visit, inviting everyone onboard to “see it all”. Working through eight early pieces, Joung toys with general presumptions of fragile, performative transparency; meanwhile Hurtigruten in all earnest becomes the outset for the credo that “sometimes you got to go back, to move forward”. Joung’s retrospective is the first step towards the production process of her new project, opening at UKS’ premises and the neighboring venue, Kunstnernes Hus, in January 2018.

Initiated by Norwegian curator and artist Tanja Sæter, Coast Contemporary is a platform that aims at annually assembling local artists and international art professional on a journey off the coast of Norway onboard the ship Hurtigruten. The first edition takes place from 21 September through 24 September 2017 and is curated by Helga-Marie Nordby.

Images from “Nora Joung — A Retrospective” at Coast Contemporary

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