12 December 2014


December 12, 2014 | 20:00 (doors open at 19:00)
CC. 100kr.
Tickets sold at the door (cash only!). Pre-ordered tickets must be picked up before 19:30!

BEHOLD! A Holy Child is about to be born at UKS, due date December 12th! Maria (Monica Winther/ Bloody Mary) has traveled back in time to her inner 17-year-old pregnant citizen of Sandnes, preparing to receive the Whole Spirit ( Ida Frømyr Borgen) and its holy fluids guided by the flaming words of The Angel Gabriel ( Marianne Heier). Josef ( Håkon Mathias Vassvik) is still figuring out who he is and will try his best to be a good father figure for the baby when the time comes.

The invites to the Baby shower/Nachspiel has been sent out and the secret special-guest-list is full of surprises!

Trollkrem is making their debut as Theater producers, staging their very own version of the holy-baby-birth-story, written and developed in collaboration with the performing artists. All rounded up by Oslo’s most steamy live-band, Beglomeg! The wooly wonders worn by the cast made by the wow-we love: Haik!

Tor Erik Bøe and Jennie Hagevik Bringaker started Trollkrem in 2013 as a project based collaborative that organize and produce happenings, exhibitions, and performances in connection to live art. The Trollkrem agenda has put a focus on performance art and how to make artists interact in new constellations cross disciplines and personal beliefs. Since their first happening at a reconstructed boathouse by the Oslo Opera house, the Duo has amongst others produced a one-night Skype-based Performance Festival at Kunstnernes Hus, 17th of May Exhibition at Kurant, 2 runway Shows for the Design Group Haik, a Performance-Artist-Fan-Poster-Series with 11 portraits of Norwegian Artists- presented at NY Art Book Fair 2014, Kunstnernes Hus, and at the coming LA Art Book Fair. More upcoming projects to be released in 2015!

The Trollkrem Gospel is supported by the Arts Council Norway.

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