19 March – 25 April 2004


TransAction will focus on the art space’s possibilities as a place for production in the form of discussion, reflection, and intervention. The program stretches over five weeks of debates. A reader’s lounge for art magazines will be launched. The concept of art is not only exposed to continuous renewal and expansion – a turn from the art object as a starting point of evaluation to the art production that occurs outside the traditional venues of art is making a relevant impact. This situation entails changes for this type of production’s various participants.

Art’s diminutive status in the public sphere is the first topic in this series of debates and lectures. How to strengthen art’s role in public? Which strategies have been launched and which ones remain to be tested? Participants are the art critic Marit Paasche, kunstkritikk.no editor Jon-Ove Steihaug, Billedkunst editor Ingvill Henmo and Klassekampen editor Bjørgulv Braanen.
In the reader’s lounge Jesper Fabricius, artist and editor of Danish art magazine Pist Protta, has made a selection of 140 art magazines and books. Fabricius also runs the publishing company Space Poetry, which releases journals and art books. TransAction’s visual profile has been made by visual artist Tone Hansen and architect Kjetil Sæterdahl. Hansen has, among other things, made the exhibition hall into a boxing ring, in which the debates will take place. The NRK program Aktuell debatt from 1965 is shown, in which Kjartan Slettemark’s Vietnam painting is the object for a hard discussion about “propaganda art”. Sæterdahl has drawn the blueprints for the reader’s lounge.

[excerpt, translated]

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