16 August – 30 September 2012


Of these works we cannot speak

Approaching something with the ambition to explain it can be precarious. At every attempt one finds oneself defenceless against a linguistic-philosophical query, regarding of the possibility to create a representation of the impossible and unnameable in order to render the unintelligible intelligible.

SYMMETRY is a series of drawings, an object and three publications of a future where a life without work-work is possible and there is nothing to regret.

Two of the publications reside from the process up until the realization of the exhibition, they co-exist without no specific inter-mutual order. CITY is a polyglot exercise and KATT is a correspondence between the artist and Stian Gabrielsen.
The third book is developed in collaboration between Johan Hjerpe and Linus Elmes. Through grammar, rhetoric and polemics it ends up in SYMMETRY.

Curated by Linus Elmes

Tora_Dalseng_2012_Production.zip (0.2mb)
Tora_Dalseng_2012_Press.zip (3.1mb)

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