3 – 19 December 1999


HC Gilje
Victor Lind
Crispin Gurholt
Norsk Anarkistisk Fraksjon
Lappophora Wiljamsis
Jonas Ekeberg
Øystein Barsnes
Jan Nordvik
Helge Ryggvik and Internasjonale Sosialister

“Tilt” is a collaboration between UKS and Samtidskunstforum curated by Anders Eiebakke. There are no apparent theme connecting the works in the exhibition, reflected in its title – which also comments the complex cultural and political situation in Norway at the end of this century. This heterogeous project points to the climate where there is a general skepticism expressed toward the dominating market capitalism but where no alternative political options are presented. In the art world, the situation is less clear than ever: The exploration of the private sphere seems to come to its end and the heavy focus on philosophy of language and conceptual art have little effect on the coming generation of artists. Simultaneously there is no apparent formation of new tendencies, although concepts such as “social”, “formal”, and “post-conceptual” are prominent in today’s activities.

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