26 – 28 September 2008



Atopia Screening at UKS
Saturday 27 September (14:00 – 16:00) Sunday 28 September (19:00 – 21:00)
“Ten Skies … looks at light: here, directly at its source – the sun. all ten skies were filmed from my backyard in Southern California: sies formed from weather systems, mountain land currets, wildfires, pollution, and the wind; skies as a function of landscape_ the sound giving clues about the land below. Each sky is a detail selected from the whole; sometimes filled with drama, sometimes a metaphor for peace…

The whole thing is very dramatic, and it’s just cloud movement. All the shots end up with a dynamic quality.
I never saw that before. I never had the courage. It took me fifty years to look at the sky like that! I call it ‘found paintings’. I think of my landscape works now as anti-war artworks – they’re about the antithesis of war, the kind of beauty we’re destroying. The Ten Skies works came about because I’m thinking about what the opposite of war is.” (James Benning)

Ten_Skies_2008_Production.zip (0.4mb)

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