17 April 2009



A Talk Show hosted by Jon Løvøen and Kåre Magnus Bergh

Using the audience as an alibi, the two talk show kings promise to gallantly guide us through a talk show filled with happening topics from the art and culture scene. A series of video clips concerning current affairs are followed by specially invited guests which takes us inside the world of artists’ living conditions, disabled peoples’ every day life and the phenomenon of diction surrounding the pronunciation of the letter “r” within the cultural sphere, just to mention a few topics. The guest list contains an NBK representative, a disabled person, a speech therapist and many surprises. In between all of this, Løvøen and Bergh will do their best to make up for the free entrance. Also, they will be accompanied by the totally awesome house band led by the well known Norwegian artist Kristian Øverland Dahl. A touch of very short skirts may also be a part of it all, on request from one of the talk show hosts.

Svette_Netter_2009_Press.zip (0.2mb)

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