22 September 2011


In conjunction with Belgian artist Sven Augustijnen residency at OCA’s International Studio Programme we are happy to, in collaboration with OCA, screen three of his films:

L’École des Pickpockets (2000, 48 min)
The film unfolds as a kind of documentary around two professional pick-pockets who give a master-class in their craft.
Le Guide du Parc (2001, 44 min)

A film centered on one individual, a middle-aged businessman who incessantly speaks into the camera in a guided tour through a park located in the centre of Brussels. He brings the viewers’ attention to the instruction inscribed on the palace wall that informs in detail of how it is possible to sexually solicit another individual in the park, and the film proceeds according to this narrative.

Une Femme Entreprenante (2005, 72 min)
A film that documents how a museum for contemporary art is literally talked into existence. The film follows the accounts of several people as they meet to speak about plans for the development of a contemporary art centre on the site of a disused and more or less derelict brewery in Brussels. The central figure in the story is a real estate developer who has decided to support the plans for the redevelopment of the brewery into a place for art. A story revolves around the evolving inclusion of other characters: advisers, wealthy patrons and art professionals who convene at the site, standing upon its ruins and projecting its future.

Sven_Augustijnen_2011_Production.zip (0.7mb)

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