16 – 17 June 2012


The annual nomadic UKS – 24 hour summer party 2012 takes place in Harpefoss as a satellite event to the poetry festival and offers a multitude of fun; readings, food, bar, DJ’s, talks, screenings, concerts, etc.

We locate the finissage of Mai Hofstad Gunnes exhibition Baby Snakes Hatching. Ruins. Ruins to the party and launch her new book. The book is produced by UKS and published by Torpedo Press. It contains essays by Erlend Hammer and Emily Verla Bovino.Locally produced food, micro brewed beer & home baked bread, Pit-fight Koskinkorva, Chop Gang Live & Watching a Summer in Saint Tropez to The Sound of Rain In England.

UKS_Summer_Party_2012_Production.zip (0.7mb)
UKS_Summer_Party_2012_Documentation.zip (0.5mb)

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