29 October – 5 November 2004


SKA TV ART AWARDS show will be held for the very first time at UKS. The show addresses the Norwegian “alternative” art scene – artist-run galleries, temporary and mobile art projects, art fanzines and web magazines. By establishing this award show, this part of the Norwegian art scene will finally have its own glamorous event. The award show’s intention is to promote the active and dedicated underground scene and at the same time honor former participants in the alternative art scene. SKA TV ART AWARDS also consists of a following exhibition with video archives and an edited part of the opening show. The show itself will commence in a TV studio designed and built for this purpose and will offer awards, speeches, video clips, performances, dancing, and music.

SKA TV ART AWARDS is produced by Art Academy students Ivan Galuzin, Christian Bould and Leander Djønne

Contributions: Lasse Ramstad, Camilla Tellefsen, Ildflue Produksjon/Bårdar, Fredrik Östman, Steinar H Kristensen, Marco Juha Mikael Storm, Sindre Foss Skancke, Terje Øveraas, Hai Nguyen Dinh, Ingeborg S Olerud, Rent a Bar, Jon Løvøen and Charlotte Thiis Evensen.
Curators: Eivind Slettemeås and Cathrine Evelid

[excerpt, translated]

SKA_TV_Art_Awards_Press.zip (1.0mb)

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