29 August – 5 October 2003



Time Ecstasy is Siri Hermansens first solo exhibition which contains two photo series, a photo manage, two videos, a sound piece and other smaller, but not lesser installations. Thematically and formally these works dwell around the experience of the scientific versus the personal idea of time and existence. “The sound of a star turning around its own axis” is a sound recording of just that. The photo series “From here to eternity; snow photography” is a cool representation of a well-known image: the blizzard on a TV screen without reception.

In contrast to these works, Hermansen presents an endearing nature experience in the photo montage “Time-Out”. A tent installation is a further comment on nature’s mythology and an individual experience of lack of oxygen is the starting point for the video loop “Breathless”. Easily recognizable porn scenes is an element of the exhibition’s last photo series. Characteristical for Hermansen’s works are the use of readymades as startling point for dividing and destruction of meaning, re-worked and put into a new context. Well-known objects different aspects both formal and connotative are exposed to analyzations and segmentations that has a means to bring the objects complex elements a cognitive value.

[excerpt, translated]

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