21 April – 21 May 2006


Artists: Ibon Aranberri (Bilbao), Julie Becker (Los Angeles), Marius Engh (Oslo), Terence Gower (New York), Gareth James (New York), Adriana Kuiper (Halifax) og Sean Snyder (Berlin)
Curator: Craig Buckley (New York)

Whether incorporated as a kind of Potemkin architecture, pictorialized as a backdrop for images, or as a quote pointing to the generalized boogeyman of modernism, one of the working hypothesis of this exhibition is that architectural tropes in contemporary artistic practice are over-freighted, to the point of exhaustion and cliché on the one hand, while being simultaneously under-scrutinized on the other.

This exhibition brings together the work of several artists whose procedures address the field through deliberately indirect means. Taking on the materials, procedures, or documents related to architectural culture, their work transforms such points of departure often to the point of effacement. The process of effacement is less about masking than about drawing attention to the cognitive work implied by translation. The exhibition will leave the relative opacity of these work standing, as a question particular to these artists’ processes and their own wagers. Within these layers of effacement, the exhibition looks to produce a space in order to put in question the cognitive affinities and dissonances relating to these fields of work.

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