14 April 2016, 1:00pm


Thursday 14 April 2016, 1-5pm
[NB. This seminar took place under the auspices of former UKS Director Johanne Nordby Wernø—text and images follow the style sheet devised 2013–2016]

How to reach a more diverse audience?
— A seminar on how to make your institution relevant to minority groups.

In Oslo, 1 out of 3 have an ethnic minority background, but this is far from being reflected within arts and culture. How can Norwegian museums, galleries, and theatres communicate better with minority groups?

The meeting will take place at the Oslo House of Literature. The lecture and conversation with Nightingale will be in English and the rest of the programme in Norwegian. Register here or watch live streaming at Morgenbladet Portalen.


13:00 — Welcome, by Hilde Maisey (TrAP)
13:10 — Eithne Nightingale: How to expand your regular crowd. The success and challenges of embedding a strategy for diversity across the V&A.
14:00 — Break
14:15 — Jonas Jarl and Mikael Olsson Al Safandi:
Södra Community Theater — What happens when the audience get to create the content?
14:45 — Conversation with Nightingale, Jarl, Al Safandi and the moderator: How to create an environment of inclusion in your institution?
15:15 — Break
15:30 — Umar Ashraf, Iffit Qureshi, and Nina Bahar:
Communication, communicators, and artists.
16:15 — Conversation with Ashraf, Qureshi, Bahar and the moderator: How to encourage young people with minority backgrounds to seek a career within the arts?
16:45 — Summary by Carl Morten Amundsen (Det Norske Teateret)
Moderator: Penny Wayne Claire Kembba (NRK)

More information about the speakers here.

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