31 May 2023, 7:00pm


Time: 31 May, 7-9pm
Venue: UKS, Keysers gate 1

On Wednesday 31 May at 7pm, performer and kink educator Hanna Noelle aka Cherry Velour and Anne Sofie Steen Sverdrup, co-founder and leader of feminist pornographic film production collective Bedside Productions, will screen their new film 2426F. After the screening, the two will share their thoughts on the film as well as on BDSM, consensual non-consent and the graphic depiction of violence in porn.



This film contains graphic depictions of hardcore pornographic violence and CNC (consensual non-consent) between consenting and experienced adults. This includes sexual assault and abduction, unsimulated torture, and blood.

This event is for those who feel confident to watch a film of this nature, and we urge anyone that feels uncertain about this to not attend the screening. As an alternative, you will be able to watch the film at home, perhaps with someone you trust, once it is released on Bedside Productions’ website.

We will give another warning before the screening and audience members are very welcome to leave at any time.



Hana Noelle aka Cherry Velour is an educator, performer, artist, dominatrix and all-around BDSM clown. Drawing on her background in art, she approaches kink education with creativity, accessibility and playfulness, expanding perceptions of BDSM and taking it out of the dungeon.

Mille Nor Koefoed works with Bedside Productions as a project lead, collaboration co-ordinator and with process design for sustainable collaborative practice. She has an academic background, specialising in the intersection between horror and eroticism, which also applies to her artistic practice.

Anne Sofie Steen Sverdrup is a co-founder and leader of Bedside Productions. In recent years she has focused on ‘emotional fluffing’ (intimacy co-ordination and consulting) for artists, television and film, as well as educational work on sex, pornography and health, in addition to her work with Bedside’s own productions, where she has experience performing, producing and directing.

Bedside Productions is a Copenhagen-based community producing queer pornographic films, porn magazines, (sex)parties and educational material on topics related to sex, pornography and nightlife culture. They work to create sustainable and inclusive spaces, where representation, respect and nuanced ideas of sex, eroticism and intimacy are the top priority.


The exhibition Moon in your Mouth is co-organised by Frame Contemporary Art Finland and UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund / Young Artists’ Society). The accompanying I CONSENT—summer school and public programme is co-hosted by Frame, UKS and Bedside Productions. Moon in your Mouth is curated by Max Hannus and I CONSENT is curated by Yvonne Billimore, Jussi Koitela and Miriam Wistreich.

Rehearsing Hospitalities 2023 is part of the EU-funded project Islands of Kinship: A Collective Manual for Sustainable and Inclusive Art InstitutionsMoon In Your Mouth and I CONSENT—summer school is supported by Nordic Culture Point, The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute (FINNO), Kulturfonden för Finland och Norge and Fritt Ord.

*Image: 2426F, Bedside Productions, 2023

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