2 – 26 June 2006



Ulf Aminde and Bruno Nagel
Curated by Anders Smebye

The provincial narrow-mindedness is here changed to the introvert. The audience is presented to staged tableaus, which simultaneously describe different stages and mental states of the human psyche. With its rough scenography and stage construction, alongside the simple and direct-acting style, this work can be seen in connection to theatre traditions like the Norwegian ‘fjelebodsteatret’ and ‘comedia dell Àrte’, which were based on improvisation around given characters. In Province, the audience is confronted with familiar and stereotypical situations, objects and characters. The actors are improvising around given actions where the stagelike installation makes up some kind of professional playground, where small actions and displacements constitute the narration.

Provins_2006_Production.zip (2.1mb)

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