28 April – 28 May 2000


Mette Gamst, Beathe C. Rønning & Heidi Sundby
“The exhibition is curated by Tiril Schrøder, deputy of the board of UKS and one of the curators of next year’s UKS Biennal.

Mette Gamst works with narrative structures, all having their point of departure in everyday life and the subject’s dealings with these events and situations which Gamst registrate and express through text or photos. The different projects are gathered in a binders system with the title “Standard Quality”, presented in a reading room with a table and chairs.

Beathe C. Rønning shows a database consisting of drawings, texts, newspaper clippings, and photos. Each one are local moments of significance, high or low. Together they build a universe layered with stories made manageable by the installation where they are composed in different correlations every time.

Heidi Sundby presents “Delighted and Disturbed”, a magical tale about the conditions of nutrition physiology and unconditional devotion. Three variations of the same photography reveal the opportunity to create the image one wants and not that which was. A text on the wall, porcelain, and tablecloth point to items such as cotton candy as metaphors for desire and consumption, a material Sundby has worked with several times.”

Jørn Mortensen

[excerpt, translated]

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