17 September – 10 October 1999


“Per Teljer should be known to Norwegian audiences with a resume of exhibitions in Oslo, Bergan, and Trondheim although this is his first solo show in Oslo. Teljer shows video works projected on the gallery walls. The video titled ‘Deaf Throes’ is from 1998. ‘The Vigilante’ (1999) has its premiere at UKS. Both works revolve around a theme of narrativity which the artist has processed over several years – a sort of tragicomic realism offering the viewer an insight into somewhat peculiar interpersonal behavior.

Mette Hellenes is known for her drawings and cartoons called ‘Kebbevennene’. This project has evolved into a mix of cult figures and classic observations of the Norwegian art scene. Hellenes have been working on an animated version of this instant classic which also premieres at UKS.

Hege Vadstein and Trine Haaland present a video-based scheme/web-installation in collaboration with Paul Brady titled ‘Added Values’ which could be described as a poetic staging of Franc de Mark’s experiences from EU’s 5th Framework Program. Vadstein and Haaland also show their computer-based work ‘Conto Finto’ presenting 21 artists from Loveland.”

Jørn Mortensen
[excerpt, translated]

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