9 March 2012


Dominique Buchtala (DE), Vesna Bukovec (SI), Ana Grobler (SI), Guerrilla Girls (US), Michelle Handelman (US), Kika Nicolela (BR), Grace Graupe Pillard (US), Angelika Rinnhofer (DE/US), Duba Sambolec (SI/NO), Evelin Stermitz (AT/SI), Alison Williams (ZA), Liana Zanfrisco (IT)

In a collaboration between UKS and Oslo Screen Festival 2012 Austrian artist and curator, Evelin Stermitz presents a film program and a lecture.Stermitz graduated with a MA degree in new media art from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is holding a Master degree in philosophy from media studies. Besides her artistic work, Stermitz’s research focuses on women artists in media and new media art. In 2008 she founded ArtFem.TV, an online television program presenting art and feminism, with the aim to foster women’s media works, their art and projects, to create an international online television screen for the images and voices of women.

The program CONTEXTUAL FACE (48 minutes) addresses variant meanings of the woman’s face in the context of women’s issues when embedded in a socio-cultural heritage.

Oslo_Screen_Festival_2012_Production.zip (16.0mb)

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