28 October 2020, 6:00pm


Please join us on Wednesday 28 October at 6pm for an online conversation between artist and UKS Chair, Steffen Håndlykken, and UKS’ outgoing Director and Curator, Rhea Dall, celebrating both UKS’ birthday and Dall’s four years at the helm of the organization.

On the very day UKS turns 99, Håndlykken and Dall will be looking back as well as ahead, talking programming, artistic practices, potentials, and pitfalls; union work, ideologies, and curatorial ideas; institutional modus operandi, membership, and (mini)bars. The conversation will be streamed from the newest addition to UKS’ infrastructure, the Shhhhhhh bar—a basement speakeasy designed in collaboration with Bruno Zhu, borrowing its title and materials from his recent show at UKS.

The talk will consider some of the elements Dall has initiated in her time at UKS, which beyond establishing UKS’ current space on-site and new online design, include HOW TO PRACTICE?—a Monday morning “walk-in workshop” by rotating practitioners, emphasizing attempts at friendship and informal collegial exchange; the conference BANDE À PART—discussing the reasons, means, and rationales of a range of independent institutions; UKS’ MINIBAR—calling for mini-prices in a city where bibulous sociability normally comes at a mega-cost; YOUNG DUMB & BROKE—a display series focusing on early artistic output as opposed to later peaks of professionalized production; as well as how turning the focus to practice-based instead of project-based applications has fundamentally reshaped the UKS OPEN CALL.

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