6 September 2010 – 25 February 2013


One Night Only Gallery (ONO) is an artist-run gallery space run by Mohammed Fadlabi, Tito Frey, Andreas Oxenvad, Jon Benjamin Tallerås, and Erlend Grytbakk Wold.


ONO was established in September 2008, originally based at KHIO, ONO moved its activities to UKS in September 2010. After producing almost 100 exhibitions and attracting thousands of guests to UKS, ONO moved onwards and upwards and began a new epoch at Kunstneres Hus in April 2013.

ONO might possibly be Norway’s most active gallery. Every Monday for four years, excluding holidays, they have opened a new exhibition. This is the format, the exhibitions last for one night only, and the next week a new show opens. The continuous and repetitive format creates a social platform for young emerging artists to meet, eat, and discuss.

While based at UKS, ONO produced the following exhibitions:


25.02.2013 Emanuel Svedin Trinity

18.02.2013 Jet Psscua Dust Lines

11.02.2013 Camilla Løw Camilla Løw

04.02.2013 Morten Jensen Vågen A.C.A.B

28.01.2013 Christine Overvad Hansen, Jonathan Terry, Tomas Endresen and Tobias-Alexander Danielsson If it Renders, curated by Carl Mannov and Ina Hagen

21.01.2013 Frode Markhus Golden Retrievers

14.01.2013 Tone Wolff Kalstad If you can’t touch it, it’s not there

07.01.2013 National Academy of fine Arts Advent Calendar 2013

17.12.2012 Richard Alexandersson Tongue; 9h

10.12.2102 Mercedes Mühleisen boneless hen fruit

03.12.2012 Ana Rita Antonio More than 14 ways of replacing a table leg with extra additions

26.11.2012 Michael Rahbek Rasmussen Portræt med kondens og R.communis

19.11.2012 Toft Honerud Et friminutt fra den menneskelige tilstand

12.11.2012 Scott Rogers Meanders Into Nonesuch Place

05.11.2012 Jessica Williams Notes on Building a Bow

29.10.2012 Andreas R. Andersson Riots for Nothing

22.10.2012 Erik Pirolt Min død er projisert i deg curated by Jon Benjamin Tallerås

15.10.2012 Marius Melby Samme hvor bra du føler deg kan det hende du fremstår som en klovn i andres øyne

08.10.2012 Javier Barrios, Sverre Bjertnes and Christer Glein curated by Fadlabi

01.10.2012 Ning Einstein On The Beach (1976)

24.09.2012 Martin Sæther Cabbage, Quince, Cucumber and Melon

17.19.2012 Lona Hansen It’s hip to be square

10.09.2012 Petr Svarovsky curated by Tito Frey

03.09.2012 Lotte Konow Lund & screening by Nina Ross

28.05.2012 Fellesverkstedet Foreløpig Rapport

21.05.2012 Siri Leira Slipstreams (You and Me Climbing a Hole in the Sky)

14.05.2012 Ned på alle fire, gå i hundene curated by Jon Benjamin Tallerås

07.05.2012 Janne Kruse Borrowed Times curated by Erlend Grytbakk Wold

30.04.2012 Jan Skomakerstuen Kaos FM 99,5 curated by Tito Frey

23.04.2012 Iselin Lindstad Hauge White Distance

16.04.2012 Ebba Bring & Torhild Berg 30 Minutes Only

10.04.2012 Freshman show cs_ono

02.04.2012 Andreas Skjelde curated by Fadlabi

26.03.2012 The African Art Show curated by Fadlabi

19.03.2012 Victor Wang curates Lost In Translation

12.03.2012 Liva Mork Going Back

05.03.2012 Örn Alexander Amundason & Olof Nimar Sketch for a Collaboration Monument

27.02.2012 Erlend G. Wold & Halvor Rønning curates Nein Teen #1

20.02.2012 Janne Talstad Overvåket/Überwachung

13.02.2012 Tanya Busse & Joar Nango Vestavin: Publication Launch

06.02.2012 Maren Juell Kristensen NATURAL curated by Jon Benjamin Tallerås

30.01.2012 Petter Buhagen & Ingri Haraldsen Face / No Face

23.01.2012 Ann Iren Buan & Tone Berg Størseth Settle Softly

16.01.2012 Marianne Hurum Skalk av Kalk i edrueligheten min

09.01.2012 National Academy of fine Arts Christmas Calendar 2012

12.12.2011 Gruppe 11

05.12.2011 Ghassan Saeed Curated by Fadlabi

28.11.2011 Jumana Manna Wanderers

21.11.2011 Erlend Grytbakk Wold Bordet og Bildet

14.11.2011 Stein Rønning

07.11.2011 Peter Sæbø Curated by Jon Benjamin Tallerås.

31.10.2011 Andreas Bennin 62°22´82´´N 9°46´67´´Ø Curated by Tito Frey.

24.10.2011 Kristine Dragland There’s a rainbow inside the mind Additional screeningprogram: Anne Marte Overaa, Oscar Qvale,Simon Lerin, Bettina Hystad & Roghieh Torvund

17.10.2011 Max Ruf Landschaften

10.10.2011 Michael O’Donnell The Launch

03.10.2011 Jagoda Bednarsky

26.09.2011 Mattias Cantzler Plenty of shit

19.09.2011 Erlend Grytbakk Wold curates: Eyes On Your Instruments

12.09.2011 Karin Erixon

05.09.2011 Morten Viskum

30.05.2011 Naja Lee Jensen / Ayatgali Tuleubek Only One Hour / Or how I learned to stop worrying about my art and love the bomb

23.05.2011 Tine Karlsvik Country Club

16.05.2011 Karima Furuseth Other Spaces

09.05.2011 Anna Ring

02.05.2011 Joakim Martinussen Food and objecthood

26.04.2011 Natalie Rognsøy / Andreas Banderas Only one night

18.04.2011 Kjersti Gjestrud / Malie Robb Jazabel / Folding pieces

11.04.2011 Pernille Meidell Honey and other Hits

04.04.2011 Kenneth Alme & Sebastian Kjølaas Døden på UKS / Walking In a Sea Of Clouds

28.03.2011 Torgeir Husevaag An anfractuous fire

21.03.2011 Ayman Azraq

14.03.2011 Christian Sublime Tony and friends: Let the lovin take ahold. Stribsendberg collection of modern art. Version: 1

07.03.2011 Tito Frey beksvart

28.02.2011 Matias Faldbakken

21.02.2011 Andrea Bakketun La oss kjøre det opp flaggstangen (og se hvem som applauderer)

14.02.2011 Gunvor Nervold Antonsen Utsikt fra Granheim

07.02.2011 Fredrik Berberg Rigthrigth, rigthrigth.

31.01.2011 Juan Andres Speed is directly proportional to forgetfulness

24.01.2011 Merete Dille dagens alt blir tegninger

17.01.2011 Mikael Brkic

10.01.2011 National Academy of fine Arts Christmas Calendar 2011

13.12.2010 Stian Gabrielsen & T.F.A.K.A.K.S. A Phoenix in an Awakening Desert

06.12.2010 Frido Evers If we all would be stars the night sky would be aflame

29.11.2010 Rasmus Andreas Hugnes One Bag of Chips Only

22.11.2010 Nicolai Schaanning Larsen Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded

15.11.2010 Jonathan McCready Brewer Ghost Booze

08.11.2010 Lars Brekke The shape of jazz to come

01.11.2010 Ida Lennartsson Singular identity

25.10.2010 Inger Wold Lund There was silence

25.10.2010 Special guest: Gaby Hartel London Calling – Im Geräuschnetz einer Stadt

18.10.2010 Niklas Sillén Painters Painting

11.10.2010 Heidi Johansen Going Solo

04.10.2010 Donkey & Punch Stum H

27.09.2010 Erik Larsson and Johan Eldrot – A Flight to the Land Beyond the North Pole

20.09.2010 Sebastian Helling Could we be Heroes?

13.09.2010 Michael O Donnel One Night Light

06.09.2010 One Night Only vs. UKS

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