27 April – 5 June 2011


This presentation of the works of Øivind Brune and Talleiv Taro Manum marks a point in history where multiple timelines meet in order to manifest themselves again. The exhibition is an intersection between now and then, and an obligatory right of passage between two artists linked to each other beyond formal expressions and aesthetic values.

Øivind was part of the infamous GRAS-group in the ’60s and Talleiv has over the past ten years established a unique position within the Norwegian art scene. With their individual works now presented side by side for the first time, we are happy to be the same institution where they both once debuted, Øivind in 1971 and Talleiv in 1997.

In a search for fragile dialogical connections between generations, we discovered an interrelationship fundamentally based upon their characters. Both Talleiv and Øivind are stubborn individuals who in a search for autonomy have developed deeply personal agendas that are to be found in their work.

The exhibition is curated by the UKS director Linus Elmes. In conjunction with the exhibition we have produced a publication with contributions from Talleiv Taro Manum, Geir Tore Holm, Morten Krogh, Peter Amdam and Linus Elmes.

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