7 May – 13 June 2004


Camille Norment (US)
Brian Conley (US)
Petra Lindholm (SE)
Unn Fahlstrøm (NO)
Alexander Rishaug (NO)
Marit Paasche (NO) text

“Noise/Space deals with the use of video, space, and sound in opposition to the mass media’s use of technology. The works demand the viewers’ engagement on time and space. They create a situation of conflict rather than a harmonic relation between noise/space and space/noise. They also point to conflicts outside the white cube. The exhibition looks at artistic strategies which employ tools of distribution that are similar to mass media culture, but the result is quite different. Music might be the art form most exposed to commodity fetishism and commercial adjustment in the last years. The enormous mass culture has still made space for subversive strategies. Is there now easier for artists to make use of these distributing means than before? And if so, how can the gallery space facilitate this production and be a part of this network? If the relation to technology is normalized, one has to consider it as a tool. What artistic strategies are more resistant to the fetishizing of art as commodity? Can noise art be considered as a sort of last defense because it is so unavailable and at times uncomfortable?

The exhibition presents concrete space- and sound experiences, personal narratives where sound and image are intertwined, and an analytical and complicated use of video editing and soundscape push the boundaries of both medium and perception. The works are physical sound situations and works that manifest illusions of space. The contributors have in common a great degree of control of the instruments involved, a workmanship that is recognizable in the representation and production process.”

Tone Hansen

[excerpt, translated]

Noise_Space_2004_Production.zip (1.3mb)

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