9 April – 12 December 2011



The French director Francois Truffaut once famously said, “I demand that a film express either the joy of making cinema or the agony of making cinema. I am not at all interested in anything in between.” Truffaut’s words best describe the selection of films presented at the NEW AUTHORS / NEW VISIONS film screenings in 2011. None of these filmic works are in between, instead, they are all a result of a personal endeavor, a vision, a need to tell a story, convey a mood or present a situation in a certain way, without compromises and often by going through both the joy and agony of filmmaking. In all, NEW AUTHORS / NEW VISIONS pays tribute to the idea about the director as the main creative force behind a filmic work. Each of the selected films reflect a strong personal vision and present a unique artistic viewpoint of the world.

While many of the films utilize a variety of filmic strategies to exploit the narrative and formal potential of film, others delve into sensations and feelings, rather than a story. Yet some use low-fi animation or advanced stage design to get their message across. The filmic works are all bound together by a certain seriousness and devotion toward their subject and center around reoccurring themes such as isolation, adolescence, longing, and relationships.

Curated by Carolina Hellsgård and Astrid Rieger

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